Common Spots Where You Might Find A Leak In Your Home And What To Do About It

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As a homeowner, you likely do what you can to stay on top of things in your house when it comes to maintenance and repair, but things can go wrong sometimes despite your best efforts. Just about every homeowner will deal with a leak or two at some point during their homeownership journey. If you've noticed water damage somewhere in your home but you are not sure where the leak is, here are some common spots you should check to get to the bottom of the problem.

7 November 2022

Things To Consider When Planning Custom Planter Installation

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If you've been working on your landscaping and your new design includes installing new, custom planters, it's important that you plan their installation carefully. When it comes to installing planters, there are a number of factors that you should think about to ensure that you get the results you're hoping for. Here's a look at some of the things that you should discuss with your landscaping contractor before you jump into planter installation.

13 September 2022

Three Things To Know When Installing An Above-Ground Pool

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Are you looking to add an above-ground pool to your home? You'll want to know the following things about them before you install one. Use Fresh Water With A Metal Frame If you plan on using saltwater for your home's pool, be aware of the frame material that you use and how the water can impact it. Even though the water is contained within the pool, it will splash over the sides and get onto the frame.

20 July 2022

Window Installation Services: 4 Benefits You Get From Storm Impact Windows

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The hurricane season is one of the most dreadful times for many homeowners. The amount of damage you might have to repair if you are not keen on your home's safety during the storm is too much. It is advisable to think about protective measures like storm impact windows. Consider these three benefits of choosing impact windows for your home ahead of the hurricane season.  You Protect Your Valuables from Damage

16 May 2022

4 Reasons You Should Consider Undertaking Home Improvement Projects

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It is common to feel nervous about planning home improvement projects. Are kitchen or bathroom renovations really necessary? Like many homeowners, you need valid reasons to spend your money on certain home improvement ideas. The following are some benefits you get to reap from home improvement projects. 1. Improve Curb Appeal This is the most obvious benefit behind embarking on a home improvement project. That is why you always research the most attractive tiles, shower enclosures, plumbing fixtures, or cabinets.

8 March 2022

Best Rocks For Your Next Landscaping Project

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Are you considering ways to add some pizazz to your yard? Why not embark on a new outdoor project? Choosing the right plants, shrubs, and perennials is an important component of any great landscaping plan. But what about the non-living components, like rocks and gravel elements? These hardscaping must-haves put the finishing touches on an outdoor project. Here are some rocks to consider implementing into your next landscaping design.  Backyard Fire Pit

13 December 2021

Upgrading Your Patio With A Cover

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The patio can be an important part of your property. However, it can also be an unpleasant place to spend long periods of time due to the intense amount of sunlight that it can receive as well as the threat of rain. A patio cover can be an upgrade that will allow you to address these potential issues with your patio space. Decide Whether You Want A Patio Cover To Offer Full Shade

15 September 2021

Tips For Safely Operating Your New Lawn Tractor

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If you've used a lawnmower to cut your grass for a long time but have recently purchased a lawn tractor to make this job quicker and easier, you'll soon be enjoying the benefits of using this machine. Riding a tractor instead of pushing a mower is more enjoyable, but you'll still need to make safety your top priority. You can start by carefully reading your tractor's manual, which will provide a wealth of information on how to operate it safely.

9 July 2021

Types Of Window Glass Repairs

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Damaged window glass in your home can be a safety hazard and a security risk, plus it just looks bad. Fortunately, window glass can often be repaired. Condensation Condensation is an issue that occurs with double- or triple-pane windows. These windows are meant to be sealed tightly into their frame so that the air between them can't escape and moisture can't make its way in. Problems occur when something breaks the seal, allowing the insulating gas and air to escape.

26 March 2021

Four Types Of Hurricane Shutters

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Living in a hurricane-prone area means you have to take steps to protect your home. Choosing the right hurricane shutters is one of those steps. 1. Accordion Shutters Accordion shutters are folded up vertically just like an accordion. When they aren't in use, they fold into a tight strip that is stowed in a box along each side of the window frame. The shutter material is typically metal or sturdy polycarbonate, both materials that can withstand high winds and blowing debris.

29 December 2020