Things To Consider When Planning Custom Planter Installation

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If you've been working on your landscaping and your new design includes installing new, custom planters, it's important that you plan their installation carefully. When it comes to installing planters, there are a number of factors that you should think about to ensure that you get the results you're hoping for. Here's a look at some of the things that you should discuss with your landscaping contractor before you jump into planter installation.

Consider Your Drainage Approach

Before you install the planter boxes, discuss the best drainage approach with your landscaper. Some planting boxes will need a foundation structure of rocks and gravel to facilitate drainage so that you don't end up with oversaturated soil and deteriorating planter boxes. In addition to building the right drainage foundation and ensuring sufficient drainage holes at the base of the planter boxes, you should also consider whether or not you need drainage on the sides. In-ground planter boxes may benefit from multiple areas of drainage to reduce moisture retention.

Know How You'll Irrigate The Boxes

Whether you're adding an internal irrigation system or you'll be using sprinklers, think about how your irrigation will work with your planter boxes. Make sure you have an irrigation approach that will provide sufficient moisture without overdoing it. It's a delicate balance with some types of plants, so make sure you discuss the specific water needs of each type of plant to ensure proper irrigation installation.

Choose Your Plants Carefully

One thing that your landscaper will recommend is that you are selective about the types of plants that you grow in your custom planter boxes. Anything with an aggressive root system is likely to force its way through the planter, causing cracks and other damage. Work with your landscaper to choose plants with more moderate root systems that won't be so overwhelming to the box.

Protect The Planters From Weather Damage

Depending on the type of planter boxes you're dealing with, you may want to talk with your landscaper about the ways that you can protect the surfaces of the planter box from weather damage. Remember that there will be edges exposed to the elements even with in-ground planter box construction. Treat the surfaces regularly to avoid deterioration due to weathering.

These are just a few of the things you should consider if you want to install custom planter boxes as part of your landscape. Talk with a landscaping contractor today for more information about custom planter installation


13 September 2022

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