Upgrading Your Patio With A Cover

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The patio can be an important part of your property. However, it can also be an unpleasant place to spend long periods of time due to the intense amount of sunlight that it can receive as well as the threat of rain. A patio cover can be an upgrade that will allow you to address these potential issues with your patio space.

Decide Whether You Want A Patio Cover To Offer Full Shade

Individuals often assume that a patio cover will always provide full shade for this area. However, this is not always the case as there are many individuals that may prefer partial shade or that are more concerned with protecting the patio from rain. For example, a pergola will be able to offer partial shade, and it can also serve as a foundation for vines. Plexiglass patio covers can allow you to keep this space fully illuminated, but they may be able to block the ultraviolet light to avoid sunburns for those on the patio.

Plan The Lighting For The Patio Cover

If you have opted for a patio cover that provides full shade, you may want to include light sources on the ceiling. These lights can make the patio a comfortable and safe place to be during the twilight or overnight hours. While it is possible to install string lights or other light sources after the patio cover has been completed, built-in light sources can offer more comprehensive illumination of the patio. Additionally, some of these lights can be dimmable, which will allow you to adjust the amount of light based on the mood that you are wanting to create for the patio. These lighting systems may need to be connected to the home's primary electrical system, and an electrician may be needed to avoid overloading circuits or causing other problems.

Install Bug Netting During The Spring

Insects and other pests can be a major problem during the spring and summer months. Unfortunately, this problem can be severe enough to cause individuals to stop using their patio spaces. While there are insect-repelling citronella candles and torches, the effective range of these devices is often fairly limited. Furthermore, high winds may lessen the effectiveness of the citronella. Installing insect netting can be an option that allows you to protect your patio space against flying insects. Most insect netting is removable, which can allow you to easily place or remove this netting based on the season and the current insect problem.  


15 September 2021

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