Common Spots Where You Might Find A Leak In Your Home And What To Do About It

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As a homeowner, you likely do what you can to stay on top of things in your house when it comes to maintenance and repair, but things can go wrong sometimes despite your best efforts. Just about every homeowner will deal with a leak or two at some point during their homeownership journey. If you've noticed water damage somewhere in your home but you are not sure where the leak is, here are some common spots you should check to get to the bottom of the problem.

Water Damage in the Same Room as Your Hot Water Tank Might Suggest a Leak Within the Pressure Release Valve 

If there is evidence of water around your water tank or somewhere else in the room where the tank is located, you should inspect the tank itself for obvious leaks, but you should also look into the drain and the pressure release/relief valve. Once this valve is located, listen closely. If you hear a constant hissing sound, this could imply that the valve is not entirely closed and water is leaking out of it. If the pressure release valve is located somewhere easily accessible, you could consider replacing it or fixing it yourself, but if the valve is in a hard-to-reach spot like inside the drain, you are likely better off contacting a pro to come out and help.

A Small Leak in Your Toilet Has Caused Your Water Bill to Skyrocket

You'll certainly notice a toilet that is clogged and overflows, but what if there is just a small leak that is causing water to constantly cycle through the tank? One way to check this would be to put some food coloring in the tank itself and see if any of the different colored water makes it into the toilet bowl without you flushing it. Even a small leak in your toilet can cause your water bill to rise dramatically. A plumber or leak detection expert can quickly fix this issue and restore your toilet to normal.

Your Meter or Plumbing Line to the Outside Has a Leak

One of the most frustrating types of leaks is one that is clearly causing water damage to your walls but you don't know where the leak is coming from. It's possible in some cases that there could be a leak in your meter line or the main plumbing line that takes water in and out of the house to the outside. One way you might be able to test this is to read the meter reading, then turn the shutoff valve inside your house. When there is no leak on the outside line, the meter reading will stay the same. If the meter goes up even after you have used the shutoff valve, you have an issue with your meter line. 

Contact a leak detection professional or a local plumber today to discuss your situation.


7 November 2022

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