Best Rocks For Your Next Landscaping Project

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Are you considering ways to add some pizazz to your yard? Why not embark on a new outdoor project? Choosing the right plants, shrubs, and perennials is an important component of any great landscaping plan. But what about the non-living components, like rocks and gravel elements? These hardscaping must-haves put the finishing touches on an outdoor project. Here are some rocks to consider implementing into your next landscaping design. 

Backyard Fire Pit

If your portable fire pit has seen better days, it may be time to spruce up your backyard oasis and make it a more welcoming space. Rock elements are the perfect foundation for a fire pit project. Start by mapping out your space and turning the soil to remove clumps of grass and weeds. From there, dig out an area for the pit. Surround the perimeter of the pit with landscape edging in stone, paver brick, or concrete. You can also create an additional border perimeter around that edge. Need some gravel for landscaping? Brick chips and pea gravel are good fillers to really make a fire pit area stand out. 

Dry Creek Bed

Looking for a hardscape project to show off some of the core elements you have in your yard? A dry creek bed resembles an actual river bed, sans the water. You can place an eavestrough or drain off pipe nearby, so when it rains or thaws, a temporary flow of water runs through. This natural beauty element appreciates large stones, flagstones, accent rocks, and river rocks to really stand out. 

Koi Garden Pond

Bringing a water source to your outdoor space creates a diverse and welcoming landscape. A koi pond filled with fish is great for adding beauty to your yard, but also as a creative hobby. While the pond will be the main focal point, adding some gravel rock for landscaping can really make it pop. Landscaping stones can accent smaller flower beds and secure the pond liner in place. Smaller brick pebbles and marble landscaping rocks are great fill-ins for the area around the pond. It helps cover up any landscaping liners and acts as a filler for a paver brick or flagstone walkway. Pebbles can be purchased in a variety of colors to help match your pond with any surrounding garden accents or patio elements. 

There is a lot of planning involved when it comes to bringing a new landscaping idea to fruition. While it may be something you wish to tackle as a DIY project, you still may need some help having gravel rock delivered and dispersed properly. The goal is to have a stunning backyard that adds flair and plenty of curb appeal. 

For more information on gravel for landscaping, contact a company near you.


13 December 2021

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