Three Things To Know When Installing An Above-Ground Pool

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Are you looking to add an above-ground pool to your home? You'll want to know the following things about them before you install one.

Use Fresh Water With A Metal Frame

If you plan on using saltwater for your home's pool, be aware of the frame material that you use and how the water can impact it. Even though the water is contained within the pool, it will splash over the sides and get onto the frame. Saltwater can actually cause the metal to rust and deteriorate over time. You'll want to use a resin frame instead because it will not rust when exposed to saltwater. 

Thankfully, many people use freshwater for their pools. In this instance, a metal frame will be quite fine. It is a sturdy material that is going to hold up to all the wear and tear over the years. 

Know The Impact Of Nearby Trees

A common thing that people do is install their above-ground pool in a place where there are plenty of trees that can provide shade. However, those trees are going to end up throwing off the chemical balance of your pool due to all the debris that falls into it. If you are fine with managing the water chemistry to account for the additional debris, then installing the pool near trees for natural shade shouldn't be a problem. However, you may need to place the pool away from trees and create some shade if you want to keep the pool clean with minimal work. 

Level The Ground Prior To The Installation

You may have a large open space in your backyard, but it is crucial that the ground is level before installing the pool. This may require that you bring in additional soil to raise the ground, and then tamper the ground so that the soil is as flat as possible. 

A good way to make sure the ground is level is by using a board that matches the radius of the pool. You can attach a bubble level to the board and spin it around in a circle where the pool will go. If the ground is level, the board would be scraping across the surface while the bubble level shows that the ground is even. 

Think that you are ready to install an above-ground pool in your yard? Reach out to a professional in your area for their assistance with above-ground pool frames


20 July 2022

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