Tips For Safely Operating Your New Lawn Tractor

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If you've used a lawnmower to cut your grass for a long time but have recently purchased a lawn tractor to make this job quicker and easier, you'll soon be enjoying the benefits of using this machine. Riding a tractor instead of pushing a mower is more enjoyable, but you'll still need to make safety your top priority. You can start by carefully reading your tractor's manual, which will provide a wealth of information on how to operate it safely. Here are some other tips that you should keep in mind whenever you're cutting the grass.

Cut At A Moderate Speed

Some people may find that it's tempting to operate their lawn tractor at a high speed when they begin using this machine, especially when they're eager to cut the grass in a short amount of time. It's important to keep your speed to a moderate pace when you have the mower attachment engaged. When you're moving too quickly, it may be difficult to react to things in front of you. For example, if there's an obstacle in your tractor's path, you'll have more time to stop or steer around it when your speed is moderate.

Turn Off The Blades When You Climb Off

When you're cutting your grass with a lawn tractor, there will be times that you need to climb off the tractor. For example, perhaps you see a tree branch in your path that you overlooked when you walked around your yard earlier. You should get into the habit of always turning the mowing blades off before you climb out of the tractor's seat. You might rationalize that you can leave them running if you're wearing protective footwear, but establishing this rule for yourself is one of the simplest ways that you can stay safe.

Minimize Cutting In Reverse

While you may need to occasionally back up while riding your lawn tractor, depending on the layout of your yard, you should avoid cutting when you're backing up. Operating the mower when you're in reverse can be dangerous because you don't always have the ability to fully see what's behind you. If you have children, they might walk out of the house to greet you without thinking about how they should keep their distance. When you need to back up with your tractor, shut the mower off. When you're ready to drive forward again, you can engage the mower.  


9 July 2021

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