Types Of Window Glass Repairs

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Damaged window glass in your home can be a safety hazard and a security risk, plus it just looks bad. Fortunately, window glass can often be repaired.


Condensation is an issue that occurs with double- or triple-pane windows. These windows are meant to be sealed tightly into their frame so that the air between them can't escape and moisture can't make its way in. Problems occur when something breaks the seal, allowing the insulating gas and air to escape. Moisture gets in and becomes trapped between the panes, thus leading to condensation.

You can't reseal the windows effectively, but you don't necessarily need to replace the window if you aren't concerned about the slight loss of insulation. A glass repair service can drill small holes in one pane of the glass. They will then use special equipment to clean the glass of any condensation droplets. Finally, they will install a special valve in the hole that allows moisture to escape but not get in. This is a good glass repair option if you aren't quite ready to replace the windows completely.

Broken Panes

A broken pane can be very frustrating, especially in divided windows with multiple panes. There are a few types of breaks. There are the breaks where all the glass stays in the frame and the glass is just cracked, and then there are shattered breaks where some of the glass comes out while a few sharp shards stay in the frame. On multi-pane windows, sometimes one pane will break while the other is unharmed.

Your glass repair service can usually replace a broken pane. They will first remove any remaining glass, including small shards. Then they will scrape out the old sealer that held the glazing in place. In a multi-pane window, this may be all that is needed since one pane of glass is still unharmed. In single-pane windows, a new piece of glass will be fitted and then glazed into place securely.

Loose Panes

Loose panes tend to rattle each time a door is shut or something else slightly shakes the window. It may seem like a minor annoyance, but a pane that isn't secured tightly is in danger of breaking. Further, loose glass allows air leaks, which can affect home energy costs and even your comfort in the room due to drafts.

A glass repair tech will usually begin by scraping out the old glazing. This is because it has likely aged and dried out to the point it is cracking and no longer securing the glass properly. They will then reglaze the window so that the glass is held in place securely.

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26 March 2021

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