The Basics Between Different Types Of Window Framing Materials

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Are your home's windows well beyond the need for replacement? If so, you'll be looking into getting new windows installed sometime soon. With four types of framing material available, you'll definitely need some help narrowing down your selection.


One of the most popular types of window framing material is vinyl, which is due to a combination of its cost, looks, and energy efficiency. While it is not as strong as other types of framing material, it still has very good performance when you compare all of the framing materials. Vinyl cannot be painted down the road, so you must put some thought into what color you want since it will last the lifetime of the window. However, the color is not going to chip or fade over the years, which means it will continue to look good for the foreseeable future.


The framing on a fiberglass window is going to look a bit nicer compared to a vinyl window, where you are not going to see weld lines where pieces of material come together like you would with vinyl. The fiberglass material is also stronger, so it is going to withstand weather damage better over time. Fiberglass framing materials have improved energy efficiency over vinyl but cannot be painted as well. While there are many more benefits of fiberglass over vinyl, they will cost more money than the competing products.


Aluminum has a variety of price ranges, which can be the cheap or expensive end of the spectrum. You'll want to spend more money and buy aluminum windows that have a thermal break that helps separate the aluminum on the outside and inside of your home. This helps prevent the temperatures from transferring through the window framing material but still lets you enjoy the aesthetics that it can provide. 


Many people select wood windows because of the aesthetics. Not only does the wood look beautiful on your home, but you have the option to change the color over time by painting or staining the material. This gives the windows some versatility that you just do not have with other types of windows. Wood windows can even increase your home's value if you plan on selling in the near future. Wood windows will come at a higher price tag compared to the other framing material, so make sure that it is in your budget if you decide to move forward with wood.

Keep these materials in mind as you look for replacement windows


23 September 2020

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