Inspection And Maintenance Recommendations For Your Home Septic System

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The process of keeping up your home and all its systems is a full-time job whenever you are home after work or on the weekends. With home maintenance, it is essential to keep up your septic or plumbing system to ensure that the waste from your home gets to where it needs to go and is treated appropriately. Here are some recommendations to make sure your home septic system is working great and kept up with regular maintenance.

Get a Full Inspection 

One task you can and should do before you buy and move into your home is to check out the condition of the septic system. The septic system of your home consists of the main plumbing line going from your home and into the tank, which separates the solid from the liquid waste. The tank needs to be free of cracks and holes, and the connecting drain line needs to be clear of clogs and also cracks.

The liquid waste then drains from the tank and into your drain field lines, which should be free flowing and not infiltrated with any debris or vegetation roots. The soil of the site needs to be well-draining so the liquid can drain into the soil. A septic professional can complete a full inspection of the system to make sure it is free of damage, which they can complete with a visual inspection of the tank after pumping it of its waste. A video camera is a great tool to look at the interior of each line. 

If you are paying for this inspection, the septic professional will give you details of their findings. If you get an inspection report from the seller of a home, the condition and findings will be included with the certificate.

Invest in Regular Maintenance

Once you move into your home, you want to keep the septic system's condition just as good as it was when you moved in. This means you need to watch what you put down the drain and not push your system into water overload. If, for example, you find a leaking faucet or toilet, get it repaired as soon as possible because this can put hundreds of gallons of extra water into your septic tank, which will saturate the system's drain field and cause problems.

Invest in professional pumping every few years based on your household waste usage and the size of the septic tank. A smaller the tank or more household members will require more frequent septic servicing. 

Contact a company that provides septic tank inspection services to learn more.


28 July 2020

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