4 Things To Know About Wood Flooring

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Wood flooring is still a popular choice even with so many flooring options available today. Wood floors give your home warmth, traditional style, and a bit of luxury. The type of wood you choose is a matter of personal taste since different species of wood have different colors, hardness, and grain appearance. Here are some things to know about having wood floors installed.

1. Engineered Wood Is Needed For The Basement

Solid wood flooring is installed above grade because of moisture and humidity issues in basements. Wood expands and contracts, and this makes it a poor match for a basement. However, you can still have a wood floor in your basement if you choose engineered wood. This type of wood plank has a top layer of wood attached to multiple layers of plywood underneath it that are all glued together.

This construction controls the amount of movement of the wood, so it can be used in your basement and have an identical look to the solid wood flooring on the upper floors. The main disadvantage of engineered wood is that it can't be sanded down and refinished as often as solid wood when you buy planks with a thin top wood layer.

2. Prefinished Planks Make Installation Easier

When you shop for wood flooring, you can buy the planks already finished. One reason for doing this is that you know for certain the floor will look exactly the same once it's installed. Another reason to choose finished planks is because you can then avoid the finishing process in your home that is disruptive and strong-smelling.

However, if you want full control over the color and look of your wood floor, you might prefer to have it finished after it's installed so it can match the décor of your home or match other flooring better.

3. Wide Planks Have A Modern Look

Once you start shopping for wood flooring, you'll notice it comes in different widths. You may want to take note of floors in other homes to decide the width you like best. Wide planks are used more often in new construction, and the widest planks might be suitable if you have a luxury home since they are the most expensive. If you're renovating an old home and keeping true to its historic nature, you may prefer the narrow planks instead.

4. Engineered Wood Floors Can Float

If you're thinking of installing wood flooring yourself, then you may want to buy engineered wood floors that click together and float over the old floor. Wood flooring can be glued down, nailed, and stapled, but one of the easiest ways is to buy planks that lock together. You can find a wide variety of engineered wood floors that can be installed easily as a DIY project when you look for planks that click together.


26 February 2020

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