Faux Floral Arrangements To Complete The Look Of Your Home

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Are you the type of person that loves keeping your home decorated as beautifully as the sets on television shows and movies? Do you change décor as the seasons change? If you're looking for some fresh ideas on seasonally decorating your home, you'll find a few ideas below that may help inspire some creativity and get your decorative juices flowing.

Custom Faux Floral Arrangements

The idea of having fresh flowers around the house is wonderful, but the reality of keeping up with replacing fresh flower arrangements all the time isn't realistic for most. The best way to bring flowers into your home décor is by having some custom faux floral arrangements made. Faux flowers are made to look as real as the flowers that they mimic – in fact, unless you look very closely, some of these faux flowers can fool just about anyone.

As you design your arrangements for each room, make a small change for each arrangement. You want them to go well together, but you don't want them to be completely uniform.

As long as you store the arrangements properly, you won't have to even think about replacing them for quite a while. They key is to box each arrangement individually and pack the voids inside the box with tissue paper. You want to support the arrangement with the tissue paper so it can shift around inside, but you don't want to crush the flowers inside.

After you box the flower, they must be stored in a cool, dry, dark area – not in your attic or basement. If you don't have a space in your home that will safely store the flowers, consider leasing a climate-controlled storage unit. This unit can be used to store all of the decorations for your home, as well as all of that other stuff that takes away from the perfection that you're striving for.

Pillows and Throws

Find some pillows and throws that coordinate with the floral arrangements. These are items that are relatively affordable if you shop around. They can also easily be stored with the flowers until you need them again. A pop of color from throws and pillows can go a long way in creating the finished look that you want.

Talk with a service, like Custom Silk Floral Plant Designs, for help with creating the custom faux floral arrangements for your home. They'll help you find the perfect arrangements for each season and each area of your home – inside and out!


3 September 2019

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