Mattress Buying 101: All About Box Springs


You probably have at least one your home, but you likely do not know a lot about these furniture pieces. Box springs are actually really important to your bed setup, and they do serve a valuable purpose. Take a look at some of the things you should know about box springs to help you when you are shopping for a new mattress set

What exactly is a box spring?

A box spring looks a lot like a mattress from the outside, but it is actually just a wooden frame with springs incorporated to offer support for the mattress. Box springs have not always been a part of beds, but since their development, they have been pretty common products purchased and used in unison with a mattress. Since a mattress can be a more expensive investment, the box spring has been used to provide proper support for mattresses to prevent them from warping or breaking down so easily. 

Is it better to buy a box spring or not?

Box springs do a good job of supporting a new mattress once you bring it home, but they are not always necessary. If you have a platform bed, the platform itself will support the new mattress pretty well, but your bed will sit closer to the ground. One thing to check about when buying a new mattress is if the warranty will still cover the mattress even if you are not using a box spring. Some manufacturers will only offer the warranty if the mattress is placed on a box spring, but some only require a solid foundation or a box spring. 

Should you replace your box spring every time you replace your mattress?

Box springs usually don't have to be replaced as often as your mattress. Therefore, it is perfectly fine to keep a box spring and use it if you are replacing your old mattress. Just make sure that the box spring is still in good sound condition. Check out the wooden frame and slats for signs of warping or breakage, make sure the fabric cover is still in good shape, and make sure the box spring is not sinking in on the top. 

Overall, the box spring is an important thing, but you may not need one if you have a certain type of bed. Talk to a furniture store representative while shopping for your new mattress set to find out more. 


5 June 2019

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