Need New Countertops? 3 Granite Myths To Understand

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From quartz and tile to concrete and linoleum, the different countertop materials available can be overwhelming. Even though each offers a few pros and cons, choosing the right one can be still a challenge. Because it is a popular option, many homeowners and builders install granite without really understanding the construction and benefits of this natural countertop material. By debunking a few common myths, you will understand if granite is the right option for your countertops.

Granite Not Safe for Food Prep

Granite is a natural stone, meaning it can be porous. If you prepare foods or place foods on your granite countertops, you may think bacteria and other germs will seep into the pores of your granite, making the surface dirty and unsafe for further food prep.

In most cases, granite countertops are sealed, so there is no possibility of bacteria seeping deep into the granite surface. In addition, simply wiping the granite down periodically with a solution of water and soap is sufficient for removing dirt, debris, and food while killing most bacteria and germs.

In reality, granite is safe for preparing foods, so you do not need to worry.

Granite Stains Permanently

Another common myth many people believe is that your granite counters will stain easily and these stains will be permanent or difficult  to remove. Fortunately, sealed granite is one of the most durable and the easiest materials to clean, making them less likely to stain.

Oil is a common problem for granite countertops, though. If oil spills on your granite, you may find the mark difficult to remove. The key is to wipe oil up as soon as possible using a damp rag. Then, clean the granite surface with a paste-like solution that will absorb any remaining cooking oil.

Granite is Too Expensive

Finally, most people feel granite is too expensive for their countertops. Although more expensive than some materials, such as linoleum or tile, granite can be a worthwhile investment for your home.

On average, you can expect granite to increase your home's value by an estimated 25 percent. Of course, this attractive countertop material, which is available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles, will also add enormous appeal to your home.

Consider granite for your entire kitchen countertop layout or add to the bathrooms of your home. Either way, granite countertops are not too expensive if you want countertops that are durable, attractive, and valuable. 


22 January 2019

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