Reclaimed Water And Your Sprinkler System

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Every person could be a bit greener and better to the environment. While you probably look for energy-efficient appliances to outfit your home and make it a point to turn off the lights when you're not using them, there are things you can do on the outside of your home as well. Learn how using reclaimed water for your irrigation system can benefit the environment and even your budget. 

Reclaimed Water

When many people hear about reclaimed water and irrigation systems, their common question is "what is reclaimed water?" Well, it's simple; reclaimed water is nothing more than treated wastewater that is not safe for human use but is still useful nonetheless. Water from sinks and laundry appliances is often treated and labeled as reclaimed water. 


The benefits of using reclaimed water for your irrigation system are plentiful, but here are just some of the more common benefits.


The environment is every person's responsibility to protect, and relying on reclaimed water for your irrigation system is an excellent opportunity for you to do your part. In addition to minimizing water waste, using reclaimed water is a great way to protect freshwater sources. In many areas, water treatment plants have to filter their wastewater into local freshwater sources. However, the more people that use the reclaimed water, the less wastewater that has to go into these sources. 


Although much of the earth is made up of water, this element is not free. When you rely on traditional water supply, you have to pay the going water rate. The more you water your lawn, the more you can expect to pay to do so. When you rely on reclaimed water, you don't have to worry about the added expense. While you do have to pay the installation cost to set up the reclaimed water system, you don't have to pay a per-use water rate, which can save you money. 


In some areas, access to water is sometimes limited. For example, in California during periods of drought, it's not uncommon for local authorities to restrict the use of sprinklers in an effort to preserve water for human consumption. However, when you rely on reclaimed water you don't have to worry about these types of restrictions since you're using wastewater instead of the water people need for their daily functions. 

If you are interested in bringing these benefits to your home, contact an irrigation professional, such as Hydrotech Irrigation Co. An installer can go over the additional benefits with you and design the ideal system for your home's lawn needs. 


10 December 2018

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