Mistakes to Avoid When You Have a Quartz Countertop in Your Kitchen

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After having a quartz countertop installed in your kitchen, you may be thrilled with how the natural stone complements your decor. However, to keep the beauty of your quartz countertops, make sure you avoid making the following mistakes while using and caring for them.

Cutting Directly on the Counter

Before your quartz countertops were installed, you may have had stainless steel or tile counters that were so old that you no longer cared about scratching them. Because of this, you may have chopped vegetables and meat directly on the counter. However, now that you have a quartz countertop, you do not want to make this mistake. While the stone is non-porous, it is not sealed, making the stone more prone to damage from knives and other sharp objects.

Instead of using your counter to cut up your food, use a cutting board. When selecting your cutting board, make sure you select one with rubber feet so that the board does not scratch the stone. Or, lay a kitchen towel underneath the board to protect your countertop.

Placing Hot Pots and Pans on the Countertop

Another old habit you may have found yourself doing is placing hot pots and pans directly on the countertop. However, just as with using the quartz countertop as a cutting board, placing the pots and pans on the surface without any padding could scratch the stone. Also, the intense heat from your cookware could damage the stone and cause discolorations in the surface. If you must place a pot or pan on the countertop, always use a potholder or hot pad to protect the quartz.

Using Caustic Cleaning Solutions

Especially when you have cut-up chicken or other meats, you may be used to reaching for the bleach to ensure that the countertop is free from germs. However, using bleach, ammonia, or any other caustic chemical cleaning solutions can break down the quartz and cause permanent damage to your countertop's surface.

Instead, use a gentle cleaner such as dishwashing detergent and water. If you are concerned about the spread of germs, use an antibacterial variety. For deeper cleaning or tough stains, use a product recommended by the manufacturer that is specifically designed for your quartz countertops.

Your kitchen's quartz countertops have the ability to last for years if you take care of them properly. If you need any further guidance, contact the manufacturer for tips on cleaning and maintaining your quartz countertops—so if, for example, you have Caesarstone quartz countertops, contact Caesarstone.


29 October 2018

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