Placing a Stone Path through Your Garden

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There are few things that liven up a garden like a well-kept stone path. Because a stone path can take some effort to install, you want to plan it out carefully. A stone path is going to be the path that most people (and animals) take through your garden. Here are some of the major points to consider.

What Material Do You Want?

Garden paths can be made with brick, concrete pavers, natural stone, or concrete designed to look like natural stone. Each of these options is going to have different costs and has its own level of complexity to install. 

Natural stone garden paths tend to look elegant and sophisticated, whereas brick paths may have a more contemporary, urban vibe. Concrete is usually the budget choice, and it can even be poured in place.

How Do You Want the Path To Flow?

Very rarely is a path through a garden going to be straight. Walk through your garden and set up an outline for your path. Are there areas you particularly want your visitors to see? Are there areas you want to avoid? Mark your path with this in mind.

In terms of utility, you may want your path to branch off to certain areas, such as to your shed. Plan this out carefully; once you begin placing your garden path, it can be difficult to make alterations.

Are You Cutting It in or Laying It Over?

There are two primary ways to create a stone path. The first is this: you can rip the grass and plants out of the path entirely and then lay down mulch, gravel, or sand. The stones are then placed above this leveled ground and the spaces between the stones are filled in with more sand to prevent weeds from growing. This method creates a single long path.

The second option is to create a stepping stone path. This involves cutting the grass around individual stones and then placing the stones, or (if there is no grass) setting the stones directly into the ground and growing grass around them. This creates a more natural look, though it may be less utilitarian. 

Before you start preparing for your stone path, you should also contact your municipality regarding digging. Some lines, such as telephone lines, can be right under your ground; you don't want to accidentally cut them. Your city or town can send out employees to mark these wires before you have your ground leveled.

Creating a garden path will create an excellent accent piece for your garden. Just make sure to have a solid plan before you get started! For more information contact companies like Harristone.


24 March 2018

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