New Features Of Modern Gutter Systems You Really Will Love As A Homeowner

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For many years, the gutter system that surrounds the perimeter of the roof of a home has been the basic way to route water out away from the roof and into the ground. Not a whole lot has changed in gutter design, other than style and material, but what has changed is how the gutter system can utilize the water being collected. In a society where there is more emphasis than ever placed on utilizing natural resources at home, gutter water could be highly beneficial to some homeowners. Thankfully, some gutter manufacturers have taken note, and there are some pretty cool gutter features to consider because of it. 

Gutter Systems with Water Filtration and Recapture

Imagine how much rain your home's gutters collect annually. Now imagine what it would be like if you could put all that water to use. One of the coolest features of modern gutter systems is the ability to capture and utilize rain from the downspouts. Some gutter systems even go as far as to include a water filtration system, so what you get in the end is water that is safe to use for all kinds of purposes.

A lot of homeowners utilize this recaptured water to power their sprinkler systems or water their landscape, but the water could also easily be used in the house for things like cleaning your laundry or showering.  The water that is recaptured is stored in a small holding tank that is outfitted with a pump, so you could essentially have the water ran to wherever you would like to use it, whether that is inside of the house or out. 

Gutter Systems with Routed Distribution from the Downspouts

Even without a water recapturing and filtration system, the water can be utilized to provide ample moisture to your garden, flowers, or shrubs. This is possible with routed distribution from the downspouts of the gutter. With these systems, small lines run from the screened downspout and routed to various points in your landscape.

This is an excellent idea in areas that are often restricted from using city water to water the lawn or landscape. If the rainwater from your gutters normally drains into a city sewer system, this cool feature may be prohibited since rainwater contributes to local water supplies. However, if the rainwater simply spills out onto the ground around your house, it is pretty much free for the taking.  


11 February 2018

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