5 Reasons To Include A Pergola In Your Backyard Landscape Design

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When you're landscaping you're backyard, you have a lot of decisions to make about the plants you use, whether or not you want a lawn, and the hardscaping that you use. While making a plan for your backyard landscaping, it is a great idea to consider having a pergola built. There are a number of reasons to include a pergola in your landscape design, such as: 

1. Creates a Defined Space

One of the top benefits of a pergola is the fact that it creates a defined space in your yard. The area covered by a pergola can be an area for dining, an outdoor kitchen, or a fire pit. Since pergolas can be custom built to your desired size, you can create an area that fits your needs. Building a pergola can be especially helpful if your yard does not currently have a porch or patio.

2. Increases Privacy

If you want to enjoy your yard in private without any neighbors viewing your activities, a pergola is a great addition to a yard. The way a pergola is constructed makes it easy to hang up drapes, screens, or latticework to provide extra privacy. If you desire, you can essentially use a pergola to create an outdoor room that provides a level of privacy that the rest of your backyard does not.

3. Tests Your Green Thumb

Most homeowners love having plants and greenery in their backyard, and a pergola can give you more options when it comes to gardening and adding plants to your yard. The main beams that hold up a pergola are great places to grow climbing plants, such as honeysuckle, ivy, grape vines, and wisteria. You can attach hanging planters to the upper horizontal beams of a pergola if you want to grow flowers, vegetables, or fruit. 

4. Improves the Overall Look of Your Yard

A pergola that is well-designed and built is very beautiful. If you feel like the appearance of your backyard is lacking, adding a pergola can make a dramatic difference and instantly improve the visual appeal of your yard. Working with an experienced landscaping contractor can ensure that the pergola design and where you place it makes a big improvement in your landscape design.

5. Provides Extra Shade When Needed

While pergolas are open-air structures by design, it is very easy to install a canopy to provide shade in your yard. During the warm summer months, having extra shade in your backyard can make it much more comfortable to spend time outside. If you want extra shade during just a few months of the year, choose a pergola canopy that can easily be removed when needed. 

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26 December 2017

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