Three Ways To Improve Productivity At Your Law Office

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If you've found yourself spending more than a few mornings lately aimlessly staring at your law office's walls, waiting for a burst of motivation to strike, you're probably not alone. Many employees and entrepreneurs can find themselves lacking drive or losing their get-up-and-go without a break in routine or something to look forward to. Other than sending your employees on an all-inclusive beach vacation, is there anything you can do to break this spell and return a positive work ethic to your workplace? Read on for three inexpensive and easy-to-implement ways you can improve employee productivity and happiness at your law office.  

Create A Cheerier Environment With Flowers

If you're lucky enough to pass by a local flower vendor on the walk to work, you may want to devote a few mornings a week to picking up a fresh bouquet. Not only can fresh flowers' fragrance brighten up your office's entryway, but they'll also serve as an attention-grabbing way to spread cheer to just about everyone who encounters them. 

Even if you don't pass by a flower vendor yourself, you may be able to arrange for regular flower deliveries from a company like White House Design Studio. While these flowers may only last a few days, the extra effort put into brightening up your office will endure long after. 

Evaluate Your PTO Policies

Employees who feel they can never afford to take a "mental health day" for fear they'll later need this time to cover for sick children or their own major illness may find themselves facing burnout. If you feel as though your employees may be dragging themselves into work even when feeling under the weather, just to avoid using up one of their valuable days off, you may want to re-evaluate your paid time off (PTO) policies to ensure you're obtaining the necessary coverage while providing your employees with an adequate amount of time away from the office. 

Surprise Employees With Sweet Gestures

While some of your employees may be on restrictive diets, bringing in treats (including sugar-free ones) once a week or so can break up the monotony of the typical office environment, provide coworkers an opportunity to catch up with each other around the watercooler, and show your employees that you care about them. Don't underestimate the value of these small gestures, as making minor changes can have quite the ripple effect on your working environment. 


18 October 2017

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