5 Tips For Designing A Coastal-Style Bedroom

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Where's a place many people go to relax? The beach. You can create this sense of serenity in your bedroom by decorating it with coastal style. Start with a cool color palette, choose comfortable furniture and bedding, and finish off with beach-inspired décor pieces.

Choose Coastal Colors

Choosing a color scheme will help you create a sense of cohesion in your décor. Naturally, the coast should be your palette inspiration. As the Spruce points out, this is typically a cool palette consisting of shades of blue, aquamarine, and light green. The foundational color comes in white or shades of sand. You can add hints of bright hues with colors such as coral or navy blue.

Hang Beach Scenes

Hanging artwork or photos of beach scenes is a great way to promote the coastal style in your room. The scenes can depict the actual coast, or you can choose nautically-themed scenes. For instance, perhaps you find a pleasing image of a harbor or a set of prints featuring aquatic animals. Likewise, your artwork can serve as inspiration for your color palette.

Pick Light Furniture

Your furniture should look comfortable and feature a light design. It's not just that your furniture should be light-colored, though it is ideal to choose lighter stains of wood or even painted-white wood. Rather, look also for pieces that give off an airy vibe because of open spaces, perhaps with thin legs. Likewise, wicker is a common coastal-inspired material for accent pieces.  

Keep Bedding Soft and Natural

Going with the comfortable vibe, your bedding should appear soft and inviting. This isn't a style that calls for crisp corners. Likewise, look for naturalistic materials such as cotton and linen. These give off that casual feel. You can add pops of color with throw pillows and lap blankets. For instance, this could be where you choose pillows with a coral-colored pattern.

Decorate with Coastal Objects

The final step in creating beach style in your bedroom is decorating with coastal-themed objects. This could include a pile of seashells and sea glass in a bowl and a length of driftwood next to a lamp. You could add a nautical flair with a ship's wheel on the wall and a ship's lantern on a nearby shelf. Likewise, choose standard accent décor pieces, such as lamps and vases, in your color scheme to fully implement that cohesive design.

Create a serene and laid-back atmosphere in your bedroom by implementing a coastal decorating scheme. Contact a company where you buy home decor products for more information and assistance. 


19 September 2017

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