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If you're a home improvement fanatic who also loves gardening, interior design, home decor, and landscaping, you've probably tried to find information on the internet in these areas. There are a lot of websites dedicated to these topics, so it can a lot of time to sift through each one to find exactly what you're looking for. To make your search a bit easier, here are the top 10 sites when it comes to home and garden. 

1. HGTV - Popularly known as a television channel, Home & Garden Television also has a website that emulates the show. The HGTV website features a designer showcase, organizing tips, and DIY.

2. Better Homes & Gardens - Like the magazine, the Better Homes & Gardens website features recipes, decorating tips, and an entire holiday section.

3. Apartment Therapy - Even apartment dwellers enjoy improving the space they live in. The site features organizing and cleaning solutions, along with house tours and real estate advice.

4. Houzz - This website is dedicated to helping homeowners have their dream home and contains a list of professional services and provides entertaining stories and advice.

5. Country Living - Another website that started off as a magazine, Country Living caters to those who live in rural areas, or who dream of doing so.

6. Real Simple - This website specializes in helping owners find simple solutions to challenging problems and includes food, home, style, life, and holiday sections.

7. Hometalk - A website that is dedicated primarily to DIY projects such as repurposing, home decor, makeovers, and crafts, it also features answers to common DIY questions.

8. Good Housekeeping - Great for food and recipes, this website also includes helpful product reviews and home ideas that range from organizing your dorm room to getting rid of pesky insects.

9. Martha Stewart - Well known as a television personality and businesswoman, Martha Stewart also has a great home and garden website. The site features ideas for everything from hosting a baby shower to a guide for organic gardening.

10. Bob Vila - Another television personality, Bob Vila is known for his home improvement television show. His website features a how-to center, gift ideas, and helpful home and garden hacks.

Now that you know the top 10 sites when it comes to home and gardening, you'll be able to find the information you need to help you in all of your home and garden endeavors.


25 August 2017

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