The Right Color Granite Makes All The Difference

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A truly spectacular part of using granite countertops in your home is the range of colors that the countertops come in. However, this flexibility also comes with the hassle of having to choose which color will be the best for your kitchen. A color that you might imagine will work may be disappointing after the countertops have been install, unless you know how to hone in on the right colors.

Choose A Color That Matches Your Home Style

White granite countertops are very clean. They are used to give your kitchen a more modern look. White granite also looks great when paired with vintage appliances. Green granite, on the other hand, works well with a traditional home. It is earthy and fits in well with dark wood cabinets. It will make your kitchen look more relaxing. Blue is very beautiful and has a distinct look. Azul granite is a blue granite that is loved because of it's beauty.

Take Pictures Of Your Kitchen

Take pictures of various aspects of your kitchen in order to compare them with a granite color that you are considering. These pictures can be compared side-by-side with a sample of a granite color. The representative may also look at the pictures taken and be able to direct you to a granite countertop color that will fit. It is most important that the countertops match the cabinets that are typically underneath.

Think About Practicality

Consider how you will be using the countertop. For example, if you intend to prepare meals on the counter, you will not want to use white because any food left behind from the prepared meal, before cleanup, will stand out. 

Consider Lighting

If your kitchen has a lot of natural light, a darker granite would be more suitable to contrast the light. However, if your kitchen is darker, a light granite countertop would help brighten up the room. When combining dark granite with low lighting, the room can seem smaller than it actually is.

Do You Want That Extra Shine?

In addition to the color, there are other characteristics to consider, such as the shininess. If the granite is polished, it will be shinier. But this will also darken the color. Ask if there are any samples available and take them home with you because this is the only way you can be sure that you will be happy with the color of your granite.


2 July 2017

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