Having An Outside Barbecue And Inviting Friends? 3 Tips To Get It Set Up

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If you are planning to enjoy the warmer weather by having a barbecue, this can be a great way to spend time with friends. You want to set everything up properly so everyone can have a great time while they are there. Below are three tips on how to do this so you can have the perfect barbecue.

Choose Easy Recipes

You do not want to slave in the kitchen all day but instead spend your time outside with your friends. To do this, serve some easy recipes. One thing that will work well is grilled corn on the cob on the grill. Along with this, you can throw on some baby back ribs to go along with your barbecue. Add some baked beans and a watermelon salad or some cut up watermelon and you've got a good meal.

You can also make easy deserts, such as brownies, cookies, or bake a cake. Ask your guests to bring something with them to make things even easier for you.

Have a Place for Everyone to Sit

One of the most important things you can do is to ensure everyone has a place to sit while they eat. You can do this with patio furniture. Make sure the tables have umbrellas over them to protect people from the sun. If you are on a budget, purchase some lawn chairs and sit around the barbecue area.

You could likely rent tables and chairs if you have any party shops in your area. This is likely not a big expense and some establishments will even deliver them to you.

Set up Lighting

Even if you are having your barbecue during the day you never know how long it will last. For this reason, you need to set up lighting. Start out by purchasing some outdoor candle lanterns.  There are a variety of candle lanterns to choose from. For example, there are lanterns that you can hang up, which gives lighting from above. One type of hanging lanterns is pendants. You can easily move these and you install hooks on the outside of your home to hang them on. You can hang the lanterns from trees if you use LED lights.

There are also freestanding lanterns that you do not have to hang up. You can set these anywhere as long as the surface is flat. For example, sit them on the tables you have set up.

Also, set up lighting along pathways to make it safe for everyone. There are solar LED lights that come on a stake that you simply stake into the soil. Just make sure you install them during the day so the sun powers them enough so they stay on all night for you.

Once you finish with these two things think of other things you can do, such as having outdoor games for people to play.


23 June 2017

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