Grand Entrance: How To Create A Welcoming Entryway To Your Home

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First impressions are important. When someone arrives at your home for the first time, how would they describe what they see? Would they find a welcoming entryway or one that makes them feel a little apprehensive about what they may find inside?

If your entryway has a lot to be desired, don't despair. Creating a welcoming and inviting entryway is easy and won't consume a lot of your time.

Analyze the area

Take an honest look at your entryway. Is the paint peeling? Is it dirty and covered with dust and debris? Is it too cluttered or too empty? Once you determine these few basics, you will be prepared to make a list of what needs to be done to get your entryway back in shape again.

Clean and repair

Start by giving the entryway a thorough cleaning with mild soap and water. For tougher stains, you may want to use a pressure washer. Once the area is cleaned, you can assess if you need to repaint any railing, siding, or woodwork.

Even if the paint is in good shape, you may wish to experiment with a bold color to contrast with the color of your home. Nothing brightens an entryway like a splash of new color on a door. Some good choices are bold shades of red, blue, or yellow.

Choose a wreath for the door

Wreaths make wonderful additions to a main door, and they can be changed to match the various seasons. Consider adding some battery-operated clear lights to the wreath to create a touch of ambiance for nighttime visitors. Make sure to look for the lights with built-in timers that turn the lights on and off at the same time each evening.

To keep the cost low, you may wish to purchase a simple grapevine wreath and add your own dried flowers or decorations to match each season. Simply entwine the flowers and decorations into the grapevine to secure them and allow for easy removal.

Add some music with wind chimes

If you want to add the perfect charming touch to your entryway, hang wind chimes out to welcome visitors. Wind chimes often bring back memories of visiting grandma's house and being greeted by the tinkling of music on a breezy summer day.

Wind chimes are also available in a wide variety of styles from plain to whimsical to match any décor. Look for aluminum wind chimes for sale if you want high quality that lasts. You won't need to worry about rust with aluminum wind chimes, and they are weather resistant and hold up well in any climate.

Add some flowers or greenery

Plants and flowers make perfect entryway partners. Choose a pot or planter in a contrasting color to add a welcoming pop of color to a neutral-themed entryway. Ask your local gardener for ideas on low-maintenance plants if you don't have a green thumb. Select one or two large plants rather than several small ones to avoid creating a cluttered look.

It's easy to make a great first impression when you design an entryway that attracts attention. Clean it up, make necessary repairs, add a few simple items, and you will be on your way to having an entryway that is welcoming and inviting.


13 June 2017

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