What To Do During A Cicada Infestation

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Cicadas are fascinating insects that stay underground for periods of up to 17 years. When they emerge, they are an overwhelming force, covering the sides of your home and hanging off the trunks of trees. To survive this onslaught and retain your sanity, you need to learn some cicada survival skills.

Noise Protection

The males of the species are the reason for all the noise. During mating season, they make a unique sound using a body part called a tymbal. They gather together and "sing" in order to attract the females. Although totally natural, this singing can be so loud it can drive you to distraction as you try to go about your day. In fact, experts have measured the noise level at 96 decibels, comparable to the levels of jet planes. Unfortunately, this season can last up to six weeks, so you should probably invest in a pair of quality ear plugs. You should also consider using headphones to listen to the television and to work on your computer.

Beach Time

Cicada season is an excellent time to take your yearly vacation. You can at least duck a week or two of the noise. You don't even have to go far to escape if you live near a beach. In general, they hate the sand and water, so you'll have a cicada free zone for as long as you are there. Take along a stack of books and enjoy the relaxing soft sound of the sea.

Cicada Control

You can't prevent cicadas from leaving their underground nests, but you can limit the damage they do to your young trees. Experts recommend that you avoid planting trees when cicadas are expected to emerge. If you have young trees, you should cover them with mosquito netting to keep the insects from damaging them. If you have a horrible infestation, contact your pest control professional. Some chemicals can kill the adult cicadas, although you only want to take this step when absolutely necessary.

Cicadas emerge, sing, mate, and shed their skins. You may enjoy the show for a brief period of time, but chances are you will grow tired of their season pretty quickly. You can take steps to survive the chaos, so when you know they are on their way out of the ground, get the proper supplies, plan a vacation, and work on your patience. With any luck, your cicadas won't be back around for another decade or so. Contact exterminators in your area for more information. 


23 July 2016

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